Spiderweb Tile  VIRTUAL

Paint a spiderweb tile using the masking tape method and a spooky spider, we'll attach it to your web!
$18 + tax per project includes 6" tile masked with tape, spider, paint, firing and instructions
Recommended ages 4+

Boo! Canvas Painting  VIRTUAL

Paint this not-so-spooky ghost with us! We'll add googly eyes just for fun!
$20 + tax per project includes all materials and instruction
Recommended ages 5+

Glazy Pumpkin Plate     VIRTUAL

We're using specialty glazes to create this gorgeous pumpkin plate. The colors are super vibrant and shiny! And the shape of this piece adds to the organic look, beautiful! 

$35 + tax includes all materials & instruction

Hanging Skeleton     VIRTUAL

We'll use our cobblestone glaze to give this skeleton's bones a fun effect.                                     
$24 + tax per project includes one pre-drilled 6" tile, two pre-drilled 4" tiles, orange wire, paint, firing and instructions

Recommended ages 7+ 

Harvest Truck Board Art    VIRTUAL

The board is pre-traced and we will walk you through painting it! And YOU choose your truck color!

$40 + tax includes all materials & instruction

Currently, our classes are being offered two ways - some are in-studio, some are virtual.  For a virtual 'class' you order the project, pick up the materials from us, then watch a YouTube video of Kim or Erica walking you through the project start to finish, in the comfort of your own home. Forward, rewind, pause for a break, enjoy an adult beverage...there are lots of perks with virtual classes!

In-studio classes will be held after hours in order to practice safe social-distancing